Things to know about layover

How do you plan to kill your flight layover time ? Have some coffee at the airport lounge and spend it holed up at the airport ? Or hop off the plane and run into town, arrange a quick tour or book a dayuse hotel ?

If you have between 3 and 5 hours (or more) to spare, you can make a short trip to Roissy en France or to the main attractions close to Roissy CDG Airport.

Zone 2
Zone 2

Important Things to Keep in Mind

If you are going to visit Roissy-en-France (or some places close to CDG)  during your layover, you are kindly reminded that you should give yourself a reasonable amount of time to exit the airport and go through customs, which usually take you more than an hour.

You also figure out the enough time to return to the airport and go through security again.

You still get back 2-3 hours prior to the departing flight.  Are you a Schengen passenger ? Some travelers  need a visa if they  plan to leave the airport. 


Secure deposit luggage

Located between Terminal 2 D and Terminal 2 F :

TGV-train station, close to CDGVAL station T 2  level, in front of Sheraton Hotel.

Open from 6am to 9.30pm

Price from 6 euros per bag (storage 6 hours)





The idea of these layover tours is to transform your layovertime into an unforgettable memory.

Paris and its region is more than 11 million people, traffic from CDG airport to Paris is very dense. During  the peak hours in the morning, it may take more than 2 hours to reach Paris, more than 3 hours if it rains. 




Are you ready ?

You have a layover scheduled at Paris CDG Airport :

  • If you feel stress about missing the flight B, stay inside the airport. With the opening of satellite 4 "Aéroports de Paris" has implemented a series of free offers to improve waiting between two flights
  • If you do not have to worry about figuring out where the bus station is located, how to buy your ticket, how to get into the city and back to the airport again, or where to go and what to see. Ask us a quotation, we will give you a reasonnable offer. For instance a minibus with a driver(base 8 persons- 4 hours ) cost from 50 €/pers.
  • You feel ready to leave the airport yourself to make the right hotel shuttle or the right bus, follow our advice, and you will have a layover tour with good value for money. For instance a Tour to Chateau de Chantilly cost 32 €/pers, a Tour to Roissy Village cost 3 €, a dayuse hotel in 4 stars hotel cost 60 €