Vallée verte

The Vallée Verte

Whether you like walking, jogging, or cycling, this natural area located on the outskirts of the village offers a variety of circuits. According to your wishes or your level of fitness (beginner or experienced athlete), they will offer you the opportunity to spend a pleasant moment in a natural setting. 

Localisation Vallée verte


The hives of Roissy-en-France!


8 hives have been set up in L'Orangerie park, behind the church. You will be able to watch the bees at work! Do not disturb them, they are collecting pollen in order to provide us with a valuable tresure, "Orchard Honey".

The village has many parks and gardens filled with flowers, which these little creatures love. In exchange, they enable pollination and help to spread flowers, trees and contribute to the diversification of existing plant species. They also offer the delicious product of their hard work, "Orchard Honey". 

In partnership with UNAF (French National Beekeeping Union), the village of Roissy-en-France confirms its commmitment to protecting the environment. Thus, in 2013, 60 kg of orchard honey was collected by UNAF's beekeepers. 
Every year, during the Apidays, the village invites you to discover how the bees work, the honey harvest and the bottling process!