Ecouen, an original experience blending culture and heritage.

Ecouen, you are there! But now we think of it, where are we?


Eetween forest and historic heritage, you are going to have an original experience in a town of Ile de France like no other. To the north of Val d'Oise and 25 minutes from the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, Ecouen will amaze you! 

The trip starts at the Tourism Office! Here, we prioritise quality and we welcome you properly. Take the time to have a cup of tea in the tearoom and take the path through the garden to access the "Musée National de la Renaissance situé dans le Château d'Ecouen".
A remarkable viewing point awaits you after this climb.


And now, what do we do?

Do you like history, culture, heritage and funny stories? Then pass through the doors of the château and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the place.


What goes up must come down!

Do you hear music? .... Who are these strange characters in the streets? You are at the festival du Connétable. For 2 days, the town lives at the rhythm of the troubadours, the festival-goers and the street spectacles.

During this walk, you can admire the beautiful 19th century style residences. You will discover Ecouen's past... An artistic history representing the quintessence of 19th century art. Imagine yourself as part of The Colony of painters! This colony left the town an impressive collection of paintings exhibited in the municipal art gallery.

After this enriching day, it is time to return to the Tourism Office. You will see an exhibition like no other... a very strange telegraph... a telegraph which announces a new era. The telegraph of Chappe, of which the first official experience in the world of the optical aerial transmission of a message was on the mound of Ecouen. A permanent exhibition retraces the history of "the great experience".

Before returning home the Tourism Office offers you a visit to the Saint-Acceul church. A final little visit can't be turned down!


Ecouen, more than a history, an experience to be had.