The Tourist Office’s missions


Welcoming, informing and promoting: an exciting challenge for Roissy-en-France Tourist Office, which came into being in January 2003. The Tourist Office is a member of the French National Federation of Tourist Offices.

Business tourism: bringing offer and demand into line, supporting future projects

Roissy-en-France is a privileged destination for business tourism. The proximity of Roissy Charles de Gaulle international airport has been the driving force behind this development: passengers, air crew and guides have access to an effective hotel centre, suitable meeting and seminar resources, a large selection of restaurants, etc

Visitors at exhibitions at Bourget and Villepinte Exhibition Parks are also welcome in Roissy-en-France: the Tourist Office is there to facilitate the organisation of seminars and conventions; the Office is the institutional link for bringing into line offer and demand.

Ultimately, with the arrival of future projects, Horizon 2011, Aéroville (avant-garde shopping centre,, ITC (Congress centre), the 18-hole golf course (club house, seminar room), the destination is going to become even more attractive. It will also confirm the Office’s role as a tourism and convention centre.

Layover tourism: entertainment for a few hours

Accueil Office de Tourisme
Tourist Office reception

In 2010, the hotels in Roissy-en-France welcomed about 1,600,000 guests.

The tourist information and reception services next to an airport are unusual compared to a traditional Tourist Office:

  • the destination is very busy, but it has not necessarily been chosen.
  • visitors remain in a very anxiety-producing environment.
  • the length of stay is very short (1,2 nights in Roissy, even a few hours for some).
  • the customer segments are large and varied (in addition to traditional segments: crews, transcontinental layovers, pre-journey, emergencies, etc.).

Products and services marketed by the Tourist Office.

In line with the missions previously mentioned, the Tourist Office offers a full and varied range of products and services:

Services for private individuals:

Services for groups:

  • The hire of L'Orangerie. For further information click here.
  • Coach and boat tours of Paris. For further information click here.


The destination’s key figures