Luzarches, an unexpected experience at the heart of the Oise Pays de France Regional Natural Park.

If you are looking for a guaranteed breath of fresh air, Luzarches will surprise you!

A charming village to the North of Val d'Oise and 20 minutes from the Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, Luzarches offers you an experience off the beaten tracks.


We are at Luzarches... and now what do we do?

Lots of things! First of all, put on your walking shoes and prepare for a hike worthy of that name. With your picnic and backpack ready, set off to discover the Oise Pays de France Regional Natural Park.

Of course, you have many other options (The GR® 1 in the southern part of the forest of Chantilly. The GR® 12: a walk inviting you to discover the natural paths which go around the capital; Le GRP®: Green belt of Ile-de-France (long distance hiking paths of the region) circles Paris; The GR® 655: (path of Santiago de Compostela) following the historic route. For bikes, departing from Luzarches, an 18 km loop in the countryside of Pays de France and the royal abbey of Royaumont. For horse riders,  the Oise-Pays de France Regional Natural Park presents a 26km horse-riding route: Orry la ville – Hérivaux – Royaumont, "On horseback from abbey to abbey").

After this long walk, it is time to have a break and relax with a drink on a terrace under the 13th century covered market building. From the brewery and the cafés of the town centre, you can see the Tourism Office!

After having picked up various tips and advice, you can discover the historical wealth of Luzarches.


It is now time to relax and unwind...

A good meal at the restaurant enjoying a traditional French cuisine will allow you to make the most of and relive this day. The open natural spaces and the promise of discovering the historic wealth of Luzarches have won you over! This evening, it will be relaxation in accommodation in the village.


Your curiosity sparked! You must discover Luzarches and its history!

In the course of your walk you will discover the medieval quarter of Saint Côme with its gate, its streets and its château. Continuing, you will dive back into the medieval period. You are now in the Saint Damien quarter with its church, its feudal moat and its château! History is right in front of you.

Returning to the Tourism Office, take the time to wander along the stream, trough and wash houses of the village. A botanical garden? And if you take the time to have a look? After this timeless interlude, take a break at the Mont Griffon Golf Course. Hit a few balls, show off your most impressive swing and it is already time to be on your way.

Luzarches, a timeless natural and historic experience.